The Secret Sisters
May 19 at 8:00 pm

The Secret Sisters’ incredible story is as simple and true as the effortless harmonies that got them here. Begin anywhere – the thick and fertile brambles of their own family or light upon the branches of the wondrous, fractal menagerie that makes up their debut album (a guileless, rapturous mixture of rootsified pop that includes classics like “Why Don’t Ya Love Me?” and “Why Baby Why.”

It was the Secret Sisters’ vocals and their love and respect for music and harmony that first caught the attention of T Bone Burnett, who signed on as Executive Producer after spending time with Laura and Lydia and hearing they sing live, and is releasing the album on his new label created especially for this release – Beladroit. As Burnett explains, “I have been making music for over forty years and The Secret Sisters album is as close to pure as it gets