Rental Rate Fees & Technical Information

Corporate: Private & Non – Profit
The 261 seat Y Boulton Center for the performing arts is available for rent for performances, benefit concerts, dance and music recitals, business and corporate functions and civic gatherings. For more information please call 516.344.6792 or email Melissa Guy by clicking on name.

A flat Theater Use Fee applies to the use of the theater itself. In addition to the Theater Use Fee, additional charges apply on a per-hour or per-use basis. These additional charges vary according to the specific needs of your production.

 I. Theater Use Fees:



Rates are for one event / performance on one day – (Maximum of 8 hours / no later than 11pm). Add 50% for each additional performance / event on the same day.

Commercial Rate: $275 per hour

Nonprofit Rate: $225 per hour

To qualify for a nonprofit rate the person/organization renting the facility must supply a copy of their IRS 501(c) (3) letter.  An individual renting the facility on behalf of an organization to raise funds does not qualify as a nonprofit organization.

Use of space must be finished and theater to be vacated by 11pm / rentals are to be conducted within an 8 hour time period. No rental is to exceed 8 hours or end past 11pm.

Rental of the space will not be confirmed until mutually agreeable date(s) are decided, and until a contract plus a 25% non – refundable deposit are in place.

25% non-refundable deposit must be received 5 days post contract date or date(s) will be forfeited.   Balance of rental fee is due 2 weeks prior to performance date. Credit/Debit or certified bank checks are only acceptable forms of payment.

Use of space for Friday, Saturday & Sunday are not guaranteed until the Y Boulton Centers calendar of events are in place.

Requests for use of space Friday-Sunday generally become available 10 weeks (2 1/2 months) prior to the weekend date requested.

II. Additional Fees

The Theater Use Fee includes use of theater, a sound engineer and lighting tech for times specified above. Additional Fees, such as use of ticketing services are established by mutual agreement according to the specific needs of your production. Additional fees / rates determined prior to booking.

III. Certificate of Insurance

The client agrees to indemnify and save the Y Boulton Center harmless for any loss, expenses or liability arising out of the negligence or willful misconduct of Renter except to the extent such loss, expense, liability injury or damage arises out of the negligence or willful misconduct of the Y Boulton Center. Client must provide the Boulton Center with a Certificate of Insurance from an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of New York, showing that the client is the party insured under an existing insurance policy in force during the period the Client uses the Y Boulton Center, providing insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 for any loss, expense, liability arising out of by reason of libel, slander, infringement of copyright, personal injury or property damage caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Renter, which Certificate shall name the YMCA of Long Island, Inc. as a party insured.

The CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE must be received one week prior to the event’s date for approval or said event will be cancelled.

IV. Film Rentals

  • $150 additional rental rates for films include the use of the theaters Christie Model 38-DMD025-07 Film Project, and 20 ft’ projection screen.
  • When viewing films, all renters must have exclusive rights to the films, or obtain the film through the proper companies such as SWANK / CRITERION / MPLC where all licensee fees are paid. Proof of licensing is required prior to rental for all film rentals.

V. Publicity / Marketing

Show will be promoted on marquee on the evening of the event(s). Prior promotion on our marquee will be based on available space and at the discretion of the Y Boulton Center Director.

Please note the following in regards to further publicity / marketing of your event.

Any use of the Y Boulton Center’s name or associated personnel in publicity or promotional materials must be approved in writing by the Y Boulton Center Director before publication or distribution of any kind.

Show will be promoted on Marquee guaranteed within the time frame of your rental. Prior promotion on marquee will based on available space and at the discretion of the Y Boulton Center Director.

  • Additional terms listed in contract.

VI. Miscellaneous:


The YMCA Boulton Center receives all monies from sales of theaters concessions.

Outside food and beverage vendors are prohibited from selling within the Y Boulton Center on the evening of your event. Venue does not provide “open bar”.

* All rates are subject to change without notice / other terms & conditions apply