Now You’re Talking! A Storytelling Show
May 19 at 8:00 pm

Whether it’s riding their first roller coaster at Nunley’s or Adventureland, catching a 15-pound pool fish on a party boat out of Captree, or wondering why everyone was so hell-bent on saving the Oak Beach Inn, Long Islanders have stories.Come hear six storytellers share true stories of the Long Island they remember. Some are hilarious, some will break your heart –all of them will leave you spellbound.

If you like comedy, tragedy, and every life experience in between, you’ll love “Now You’re Talking! A Storytelling Show.” True stories told by real people.

The show was founded and is hosted by Tracey Segarra, an award-winning Long Island-based storyteller whose stories have appeared on The Moth Radio Hour on NPR and the Risk! podcast. Each show features six storytellers telling true stories from their own lives. Unlike stand-up comedy, therapy or traditional theater, Now You’re Talking features storytellers who undergo a meaningful change or cathartic “aha” moment in their tales. The stories range from hysterically funny to tragically meaningful, to small, quiet moments that signify a shift in how they view the world.