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Contact Us
37 West Main Street, Bay Shore, NY
Phone: 631-969-1101
Melissa Guy
Center Director
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Patrick Gordon
Technical Director
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Robin Harvey
Box Office Manager
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Tiana Christorforidis
Cultural Arts Director
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631-665-4255 Ext 148

Box Office Hours:
Weds., Fri., and Sat.  12pm – 4pm
Thurs: 12pm – 6pm
Extended hours on performance days.
*Accessible seating may be purchased by calling our box office at 631-969-1101 during box office hours.
Toll Free: 1-866-811-4111
Some FAQ:
I am unable to print my tickets, will I be able to have them printed at the box office?
Yes, we will gladly print your tickets provided photo ID is shown.
Do you serve alcohol and food?

We serve beer and wine. We also serve candy, popcorn and pretzels.  

Are cameras permitted?
Although flash photography is prohibited as it is distracting to the artist and those seated near you, the photo policy changes per artist regarding photography during the show and should the artist not have a preference, we ask that only during the first 3 (three) songs you take photos.  The glare from ones camera/phone screen is distracting to those around you.

We do allow for photography during the meet and greets upon artist approval.
Will the performer do a meet and greet?
Each performer has their own policy regarding meet and greets.  Once the artist has arrived at the venue, we are given information from the tour manger if an artist will meet and greet guests at the end of the evening. If I come to the box office window will I avoid service fees?
Yes, there are no service fees attached to your order if tickets are purchased directly at our box office window.May I receive a refund if I have a conflict?
Due to contractual obligations with artists, there are no refunds/exchanges.  I purchased tickets and now see that there are discounts offered, may I receive a refund/credit?
Ticket prices are subject to change and refund / exchange policies will remain in place.If I am unable to attend the performance, will I be able to send the theater artist merchandise for signature?
No, our staff are preparing for the evenings events and have no contact with the artists.

When will a show I see on an artists website go on sale? Please continue to check our events page for on sales.