Carole & Paula 65 Years of Friendship Stars of The Magic Garden Songs & Stories
October 06 at 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm

Carole and Paula, the beloved stars of TV’s iconic “The Magic Garden”, celebrate their 65 Years of Friendship with a fun-filled family concert for all ages!
Join us for laughs, happy memories, Magic Garden video clips, songs and stories we all love. Additional antics provided by the original Sherlock!
With Musical Director Ian Herman at the piano.Since they started back up performing live shows, one of the most astonishing things about Carole and Paula’s live shows has been the number of adults who show up to reconnect with their memories of the psychedelic, off-beat rhythm of life lived in the garden, amidst the toadstools, the Magic Tree, and the immortal Chuckle Patch.
With three fabulous albums, a popular DVD, a Grammy nomination, and citations from Actions for Children’s Television and the Children’s Television Workshop, the legacy of The Magic Garden as one of the most valuable and endearing achievements in all of children’s entertainment is secure.