ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO US East Coast Unbound Tour 2017
December 21 at 8:00 pm

Take the elegance of jazz guitar as inspired by Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, and Joe Pass. Blend it with the greatest melodies of heavy metal (Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, and Aerosmith, et al). What do you get? Alex Skolnick Trio. Known for their sophisticated re-harmonization of heavy classics as well as quirky originals, AST performs with a depth, humor, and character that enthralls fans across the musical spectrum. An AST concert will quickly achieve legitimacy in the eyes and ears of skeptical jazz fans, while at the same time introduce metal heads to the pleasures of music without mosh pits. A 2015 cover story said of its leader, well known for his work with thrash metal group Testament, “Though he’s pretty much a household name in heavy metal, Alex Skolnick is not your average, everyday shredding guitarist. In reality, he defies categorization by musical genre.”