Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Beautiful Band
November 16 at 8:00 pm

Alan Doyle chalks up a lot of where is he right now—with both his third solo album
and his second book released in October 2017—to luck. “I’m the luckiest guy I’ve
ever even heard of,” he says. “This was all I ever wanted, a life in the music business,
singing concerts. I was lucky to be born in the family I was, in Petty Harbour. I was
lucky that Sean, Bob and Darrell found me and asked me to join their band. I was
lucky the Canadian music fans were into it.”
And yet, one listen to A Week at The Warehouse makes it plainly clear that there’s
a lot more than luck at play in this decades long, awards-studded career. This album,
recorded live off the floor with Doyle’s “beautiful band,” as he calls them, with
producer Bob Rock at the helm, is chock-a-block with country-tinged, radio ready
tunes that bring with them the flavour of some of Doyle’s favourite artists, from John
Mellencamp to Rock’s own band, Payolas (In fact, Doyle covers a Payolas tune on
this album, Forever Light Will Shine, with that band’s singer, Paul Hyde appearing as
a guest vocalist.)
In addition to Rock’s work with Payolas, Doyle loved the metal albums Rock
produced in the eighties, and his more recent work with the Tragically Hip, Jann
Arden, and others. “It’s a real treat to get to meet your heroes and they turn out to
be nicer than you ever imagined,” Doyle says. “A couple things about Bob, he’s first
of all, still a massive fan of a good song, for a man who’s seen hundreds and
thousands of them, he’s still thrilled to get a chance to work on a good song with a
good band in a good studio, that’s still a perfect day for him. And secondly he’s just a
wonderful motivator to get great players to play at their best.”